Established in 1999, POABS BIOTECH has been at the forefront of innovations & biotechnological advancements in the past few decades.
Equipped with state of the art technology to produce superior quality products, POABS BIOTECH is determined to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals that destroy the soil and will help to generate economic and ecological stability.

From new generation Biotech tools to undertake the advanced research areas in Microbiology, Fermentation, Biochemistry, Analytical researches and Downstream process to production across all biotech applications, we can help you adapt to changing market conditions with innovative technologies and solutions.

The POABS Green Bio-Fertilizers are microbial inoculants consisting of living cells of micro-organism like bacteria & fungus that play a significant role in the conservation of suitable soil environment for plant growth and development. And, since the need for safe and residue-free food has skyrocketed, POABS products such as Biofertilizers, Biocontrol Agents, Microbial Metabolites and Nutraceutical ingredients has been deemed as the next right step towards sustainable agriculture. As pioneers in the field of providing organic and biological products in agriculture, we understand the necessity to promote the production of bio-fertilizers on a large scale to cater to the current rising demand.



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